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Dr. Len Horowitz

Divine Design for Earth’s Salvation and Spiritual Evolution: Revelations from Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s Latest Book,

Walk on Water


EVOLVE!: Dr. Horowitz, you call Walk on Water your most important of 15 books. What makes this work so important?

DR. HOROWITZ: It shares information that transcends us as individuals, is compulsively sought by people worldwide, opens people’s hearts, and challenges everyone’s mental capacities as spiritual beings to integrate these revelations from the Source of creation. Our essential nature, sustenance, and survival depends on this mathematical musical technology. If we desire to recover what was secreted millennia ago from humanity struggling for physical salvation and spiritual evolution, this work is well timed for these “End (or New Beginning) Times.”

EVOLVE!: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you come to write Walk on Water?

DR. HOROWITZ: An angel directed the writing of this book. I’ve simply been following what appears to be Divine guidance and universal intelligence. The information is highly practical and scientifically sensible, but the manner in which I came across this information is not considered “normal.” This is my 15th major book. Most of these are pretty thick, extensively investigated, with pages of scientific references. Not Walk on Water. The persuasive power behind these revelations hold their own and touch your heart. These obvious truths are so compelling that most people who read it will know this is from a Divine Source.

I’ve simply been listening to that, so called, inner voice. The book resulted from this and numerous, virtually daily, synchronicities. The people who sourced the data came into my life without much effort. The Bible says, “the steps of the righteous are ordered.” I had every step ordered by unexpected delights--revelations about spiritual evolution and Divine communion. The book came by simply following this calling.

EVOLVE!: You say a special “angel” helped you to write this book, can you be more specific.

DR. HOROWITZ: Yes. I firmly believe the identity of this angel that gave us this gift is the one described in Revelation 3:7-13. I am a Judeo-Christian Levite born in Philadelphia. This angel represents the voice and spirit of the Messianic community of Philadelphia. My bloodline is Davidian and priestly. This angel directs Divine discoveries in the End Times using the “key of David.“ My books, especially this one, present stunning irrefutable facts that illuminate the darkness of deception in a world unknown to the hypnotized masses. This angel “opens doors that no mortal can close.”

EVOLVE!: Walk on Water takes the evolution versus creationism debate to a far deeper level. How are your findings impacting “intelligent design” advocates?

DR. HOROWITZ: “Intelligent design” advocates and/or creationists are thrilled by these revelations. The illuminations move these people to the next deeper level of creationistic understanding. The book empowers people with wisdom with which to fight the foe of ignorance against those who call themselves enlightened. I’m now speaking about those whose heads embrace science only to suffer blocked and burdened hearts. The Bible says, “a half truth is a complete lie.” Science reveals little pieces of truth from which it mistakenly draws big conclusions. The petroleum and chemical companies of the world use science. Religious moralists use scripture, and spiritualists subscribe to pure essence. “Ye shall know them by the fruit of their labor.” The energy and drug industrialists have brought plagues, pestilence, and pollution, it is really global genocide, to us through so-called “science” and mass mediated deceptions. Religious fundamentalists likewise preach exclusivity doctrines of salvation bringing fear, wars, and ongoing divisions to bear on our global population. There’s nothing intelligent about either of these activities. Alternatively, those who embrace “The Way,” the original teachings of Christ, recognize the whole ball game lies in opening the heart to the laws of Divine spirit. Getting to know the laws regarding intelligent design provides the greatest secreted truth humanity has ever been cursed to lose and blessed to regain. If “the truth shall set you free,“ the greatest secreted truths hold the power to set you freest. For a spirit-filled creationist, then, these revelations are awesome and emancipating.

EVOLVE!: How about evolution of the species theorists? Do they accept your findings?

DR. HOROWITZ: They can only choose to accept what is obvious even to grade school children. Yes, if they have eyes to see the mathematical patterns we ascribe to Divine law and the music of creation. Intelligent evolutionists have nothing to fear from these facts. In fact, as detailed in Walk on Water, there is a place for both evolutionists and creationists at this celebration. The mathematical matrix of the universe is the intelligent design that underlies evolution and biological function. So evolutionists simply need to face their deeper wisdom to recognize the fundamental force underlying evolution. This deeper reality is a communing law in the strictest, mathematically proven, sense. There is a place and peace for everyone.

EVOLVE!: You mention mathematical music and “the Perfect Circle of Sound” in this book. Practically speaking, how is this being used, and can people use it for themselves?

DR. HOROWITZ: Indeed, people are already using it for themselves, so let me give you some examples. Imagine holding the keys that unlock all the doors to God’s creative and recreative technologies. Do you think you might be able to make contributions with this wherewithal? Math, we now know, is the language of creation. In the beginning, there was the Creator, the word, which uses the universal language of mathematical vibrations, or Hertz frequencies of sound, to impact water which receives the word from which creation manifests. Walk on Water reveals the mathematical matrix of the universe containing these words, fundamental musical mathematics, which mediates cosmic creative energy. Obviously this knowledge must be used by the world’s brightest physicists and engineers for developing technologies ranging from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to free energy devices.

More practically speaking for the average person, and for those engaging the Spiritual Renaissance, these technologies include the mathematics and music of health in every sense of the word, from psycho-social, spiritual, and physical well being, to environmental health. These vibrations that sustain us are being use in musical Cds for enhanced relaxation, meditation, miraculous manifestations, and dramatically empowered prayer. For this I highly recommend the “Holy Harmony” CD by Jonathan Goldman. Jonathan and I worked together on this, for which he gifts our ministry a tithe. Just read the testimonials under the product description at www.healthyworlddistributing.com. You will be amazed and intrigued by what people who have used this practical application of Divine sounds are saying about their ability to change lives and produce positive results.

Practically speaking, if we do our homework, exercise this knowledge, and express our innate vocal talents to sing a new song for the survival of this planet, we shall have a paradigm shift, and spiritual uplift, unlike the world has ever seen. People can read more about this concept at www.liveh2o.org.

EVOLVE!: Since sound and music are so important, tell us more. What is sound, and “musical mathematics,” as you call it? And what effects on matter and energy can we create acoustically?

DR. HOROWITZ: As I mentioned, words are communicating and communing forms of energy--yours, mine, or our Creator’s. These sounds are electromagnetic wave vibrations that are based on math, and that we can mathematically measure as forms and forces for precipitation or manipulation of matter. Theoretically, matter and energy throughout the universe is constant as Einstein advanced. Sound vibrates water and other matter according to laws that govern physics. Water is the universal superconductor of energy. Thus, every word you utter not only impacts your water filled body, but issues forth and resonates throughout the entire hydrated universe. Thus, what you say, or pray, more than what you do impacts the spiritual or metaphysical domains that affects everything.

In essence, the universe is governed by laws of mathematics determining the laws of physics. I call this unity of laws “musical mathematics” because it is so perfectly written and orchestrated with harmonization of matter and energy fueling the essence of every existence.

EVOLVE!: In Walk on Water you review works by several brilliant investigators, authors, and musicians. Tell us about some of these people and their amazing discoveries or contributions: a) mathematician Marco Rodin . . .

DR. HOROWITZ: A little known genius who through simple mathematical analyses was able to construct the mathematical matrix and structuring of the universe.

EVOLVE!: physicist Nassim Haramein . . .

DR. HOROWITZ: Another genius who took Einstein’s field equations and factored in torque, spin, and velocity. Nassim advanced the grand “Unification Theory” of the universe with implications for humanity’s survival through the production and utilization of free, clean, and renewable energy resources.

EVOLVE!: space time physics expert Hartmut Muller . . .

DR. HOROWITZ: Among Russian’s leading space/time physicists, Muller showed us how our mathematical matrix and “The Perfect Circle of Sound” is reconciled within the physics of his “Standing Gravitational Wave Theory.” Consistently reflected throughout these discoveries is the importance and power of the 3s, 6s and 9s--a special set of numbers associated with creationistic metaphysics and the manifestation of matter from pure energy or spirit.
Muller also showed us the structural relationship between DNA and the grand standing gravitational wave. It turns out that the “sacred spiral,” DNA, is structurally identical to universal gravitational wave form.

EVOLVE!: What about clustered water science and genetics expert Ron Saykally?

DR. HOROWITZ: Saykally’s publication in Science proved the power of water to energize DNA to express its resonant energies and frequencies.

EVOLVE!: the famed Japanese water researcher with whom you have joined forces, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

DR. HOROWITZ: My friend and esteemed colleague--a globally recognized humanitarian and overseer of the Hado, LLC healing organization--Dr. Emoto blessed the world by this research and thesis that the main Message from Water is “Love Thyself.”

EVOLVE!: Walk on Water reveals two very special sound frequencies: 528Hz and 639Hz. What can you tell us about these having to do with Love, Miracles, and Family?

DR. HOROWITZ: As Dr. Emoto has scientifically and theologically heralded, Love is received and transmitted as a vibration mainly in and through water. The 528Hz frequency of sound, which equates to 518nm of light, is the sound and color of Love. 528Hz is also the third note, or “MI” tone, in the original Solfeggio musical scale. 518nm of light is the center of the green color at the center of the rainbow. It is also the color of your heart charka or energy center influencing the spiritual dynamics of your heart and heart beat. Thus, Walk on Water proves your heart is energetically connected to the core of the universe and the creative energy of its Source.
You’ve heard it said, “Home is where the heart is,” and “Love heals all.” These revelations prove Dr. Emoto’s conclusion are accurate about the Hidden Messages in Water, pertaining to Love. The evidence indicates our Spiritual Renaissance is taking us “home” to the Source of the universe which is energetically empowering, inclusively healing, and universally sustaining.
Meanwhile, we are coming together as an enlightened family with this recognition and every advancing day the Spiritual Renaissance unfolds. The next tone of the original musical scale that shares the spotlight at the center of the grand universal “lifewave” is the note 639Hz. This note is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as the “legally appointed” or spiritually anointed family.
So from the center of the universe there comes an energy affecting the current time wave of civilization’s spiritualization, and this force expresses the essence of a miracle family forming with unity and conviction enabled and empowered by 528-639Hz to conduct the affairs on this planet consistent with Divinity versus “satanic sorcery.”

EVOLVE!: You say that Love and communion are the great healers. What do you mean by communion having to do with “entrainment to the matrix.”

DR. HOROWITZ: This information will, eventually, revolutionize medicine. It is far greater than an idea whose time has come. It is our personal and planetary destiny to fulfill this longing for Love and communion, which is the source of all healing.

The concept of “entrainment to the matrix” is akin to the theological necessity of living lawfully as a condition for success and karmic justice. The physics, mathematics, and system dynamics of entrainment dictates that weaker vibrations and objects in space yield to stronger ones. Weaker bodies consistently exposed to stronger physical bodies dynamically and energetically commune in resonance and harmony with the greater power. Some people see man and his medicine appearing to be powerful. But the real healing occurs at levels far more subtle than the molecular and chemical levels. These vibrations, resonances, energetics, and spiritual dynamics of healing involve entraining to the source of creation, and the mathematical musical matrix. This is called the Holy Spirit in the realm of religion. Physicists, like Muller and Haramein call it the standing gravitational wave. Whatever you call it, you get if for free and naturally when you sleep or take a shower. It is the great restoring spirit of baptism, and the planet is increasingly receiving this blessing.

. . . So now that we know the musical mathematics, the specific healing codes or tones governing the universe that control genetic expression and your physical precipitation in a hydro-electrified quantum field, do you really think the pharmaceutical industrialists will maintain their edge, advancing the popping of magic pills to cure every ill, when all of this and more is available for free through Divine entrainment with no risks or side effects? If you need further proof of this transition toward sanity and spirituality in healthcare simply look at the burgeoning and overlapping fields of energy medicine and nanotechnology. This revolution is unstoppable, by Divine design, as it incorporates unprecedented revelations in hydro-creationism.

EVOLVE!: Now using this sacred knowledge you have developed something very simple to remedy the very complex issues facing us and our planet’s natural existence, what is the “3E™?”

DR. HOROWITZ: The “Evolutionary Energy Enhancer” is a simple technology that incorporates the mathematics and geometrics of “The Perfect Circle of Sound.” It is used to energize water for sacred structuring of this superconducting creative medium. It affirms and asserts Love and Thanks in this hydro-creative process. I developed it realizing that if humans are going to survive threatened pan-species extinctions, including our own decimation of the human population, ‘We the People’ will need to step up to the task of singing a new song to the creative waters of the world and cosmos.

In this exciting experiment, God gave us freewill to collaboratively fulfill our destiny. When the critical mass of us, the “hundredth monkey,” respond to this Divine direction, as per the books Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and Walk on Water, the solution to physical salvation through spiritual evolution and hydro-creation becomes apparent and doable.

“3E™s” are now being distributed and used to apply this sacred knowledge in the act of re-creating the vibration of salvation, physical and spiritual, in a world in which our bodies and waters are being increasingly bombarded by man-made dissonant, rather than Divine, energies. For example, the massive cell phone and wireless communication revolution, in my humble opinion, represents even more of a threat than the petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel simply because it threatens our spiritual sovereignty and electro-genetic reality. This atmospheric pollution, more than toxic wastes, affects the spiritual domain. We need to honor and restore the sound of silence.

Those new and abused man-made waves that you can’t see, hear, or feel (other than your brain and head heating up from the radiation coming off of your cell phones) are none-the-less deadly! So to offset this electro-dynamic imbalance, we need to turn up the volume or increase the force of nature, and the sound of silence. This provides harmonization for physical salvation, besides spiritual evolution, beyond our current madness and misdirection. “3E™s” were developed to technologically support this beneficial intent, and people can learn more about them at http://www.3epower.us.

EVOLVE!: Tell me what you mean in Walk on Water when you discuss physical salvation on planet Earth by way of a “sealing.”

DR. HOROWITZ: That’s the Biblical word for the electromagnetic biosonic protection people with open hearts and clear minds will gain as the Spiritual Renaissance hastens. The sealing is taking place largely through the heart and pineal gland--the central processing stations for electromagnetic and biosonic resonances affecting our holy temples, our physical bodies. The sealing heavily involves communing with the Holy Spirit, that is, having your heart and mind be open enough to receive the core creative, not destructive, frequencies issuing from, arguably, the heavenly throne. This offers you your ultimate protection against energetically expressed evil, and its concomitant mortality and morbidity.

EVOLVE!: Why do you think King David sang his way into battles and the Cathars, persecuted for their high level spirituality, sang their way to their burning stakes?

DR. HOROWITZ: Precisely for the “sealing” discussed. Physical reality derives from spiritual energy. The key of David, issued by the angel from Philadelphia, is this energetic anointing and wisdom. The 528Hz frequency of Love, the “Miracle 6” tone, sourcing from the center of creation, is our key to salvation. It has the force of the universe behind it. Only this offers protection as we walk “through the valley of the shadow of death” where we shall “fear no evil.” That’s why David chanted his way into battle with vocals composed by my Levi priest ancestors, the keepers of the sacred knowledge. That’s also why David’s star, the hexagon, was carried as an amulet--a sacred geometic vibrating structure--resonating creative restoration and organic life. This hexagram was fashioned to his battle shield. In recognition of this sealing, heavily involving the forehead or pineal gland as a spiritual center, David felled Goliath with one stone properly placed. That’s how easy it is to slay dragons of evil with Divine intelligence by singing a sealing song!

EVOLVE!: What words of wisdom do you have to complete this interview?

DR. HOROWITZ: How you relate to this information, or not, determines your sealing, protection, and salvation. Two thirds of the world’s people are currently targeted for elimination according to esteemed political periodicals and authoritative population controllers. What you choose to do, or not do, with this information will determine your early demise or extended longevity. You will either be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

In considering this choice, faith and trust in this knowledge, wisdom, and Divine direction is critical. Lacking faith and trust in these bigger truths jeopardizes your key relationship, that of your super-human nature in kinship with the Divine family. You’ve heard it said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” It applies here to the counsel to commune with like-hearted souls and your Source with full faith and trust in these protective and productive relationships.

The Prince of Peace was able to Walk on Water because he had mastered this knowledge and entrained to this Divine direction and uplifting vibration. He correctly placed optimal faith and trust in the Supreme Source. His reason for enduring the obstacles he met along “The Way” was to inspire all of us to walk, not on water, but in Love. Look what he accomplished! And he predicted, “You will do more than what I have done.”

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an internationally renowned authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. An award-winning author of fifteen books and dozens of scientific publications, his national bestsellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science. His latest books, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, written for sophisticated and professional audiences, and Walk on Water, written for general audiences, demystify the biotechnologies of divinity. All of Dr. Horowitz’s books, DVDs, Cds, and many of his health products, are available through New Leaf Distribution, Inc. as detailed on his publisher’s website: http://www.tetrahedron.org. Personal consultations with Dr. Horowitz may be scheduled by calling 1-888-508-4787, or by contacting him through tetra@tetrahedron.org.


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