A Book Review of Walk on Water

by Rev. Michael Sunanda

Dr. Horowitz is a big, strong, friendly, and radical medical doctor on a mission to expose the bad news about “bioterrorism” and the good news about how to naturally defend ourselves. . . .

Walk on Water (WoW) is a condensed, urgent, and passionate book of cosmic scope. It offers hope for finding God within us guiding our loving universe. It reveals novel connections between energy, sacred geometry, spirituality, musicology, DNA’s sacred spiraling and electrogenetics, and our verbal vibrations in harmony or dissonance with nature.

Dr. Horowitz hints at the coming cataclysm, like Noah & Moses did. Like other prophets, he heralds a cleansing process to awaken Earth’s people to self healing, spiritual rebirthing, and even miracles co-created in the marriage of self and Source.

Years ago I read Dr. Horowitz’s epic book Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse. He explained how chemical pollution is hurting people. His next book was Healing Celebrations. It showed the need to naturalize & alkalize our body temples. Now, WoW is more spiritual in offering sound remedies. Dr. Horowitz expands on ‘vibrational medicine.’ You can use this anywhere, anytime, to help yourself without side effects or great expense.

WoW is gathered from many sources. Dr. Horowitz features DNA’s sacred geometry, the Bible’s Book of Numbers, and advanced astro-physics. Cymatics, the science of sound, is also bolstered by new revelations in this book concerning the “Perfect Circle of Sound” and the “Mathematical Matrix of the Universe.”

Dr. Horowitz adequately explains the sacredness of water, its vibrational structure, and spontaneous healing using sound by affecting sacred geometry and molecular structuring. The veteran researcher explains how water may be used to transmit core creative vibrations for health, happiness, and longevity. Most importantly, the specifics of these sounds are detailed.

Dr. Horowitz draws on his colleagues’ works, including hydro-crystal photographer Dr. Masaru Emoto whose cameras capture the dramatic beauty of spirit-filled water versus the ugliness of polluted and poisoned water.

WoW also credits researchers of the Hebrew alphabet and esoteric sciences, Stan Tennin and Dan Winter.

Dr. Horowitz’s orientation is far more Biblical than other authors in this field. He offers a Davidian’s view of musical mathematics and physical patterns of Divinity rooted in ancient Hebrew traditions.

I greatly appreciated Dr. Horowitz’s presentation of the sacred spiral of Phi, the Golden mean, and Fibonacci series. He beautifully integrates Marko Rodin’s math, and Nassim Haramein’s unifying physics, to explain how we interact, along with our choices and evolving consciousness, into the spiraling Torusphere of natural energy and loving community.

Also noteworthy is how Horowitz weaved Terrance McKenna’s “Time Wave Theory” into a hastening Spiritual Renaissance. This helps to explain how our evolution in consciousness is occurring.

I loved WoW’s simplicity.

I highly recommend this book for average lay readers, as well as seasoned students of religion, science, and consciousness.

Dr. Horowitz joins humanitarians, philosophers, and theologians like Blavatsky, Bucky Fuller, and others in making an indelible mark on the history of evolving consciousness. He is an articulate voice on a Judeo-Christian mission for revolutionizing social and spiritual awareness.

Walk on Water illuminates “The Way” for earthlings to find meaning in life, happiness, peace, and total well-being in the unifying spirit of Love.



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Review of Walk on Water

by Joseph Bolea

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has made another great contribution to humanity with his latest publication entitled Walk on Water. Within a short and inspiring read, Dr. Horowitz reveals the mathematical-musical matrix of Spirit-based creation and sustenance. While imparting the scientific material of the core-creative frequencies, “the Perfect Circle of Sound,” spiritual truths are conveyed in an uplifting manner encouraging the reader to love and experience Divine union.

In addition, technological products based on these new revelations are discussed so people can immediately benefit and partake in the healing transformation that is occurring.

Walk on Water is a paradigm shifting book that will have far-reaching implications for healthcare, scientific industries, and humanity’s understanding and appreciation of itself.

Joseph Bolea is a sound healer.


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Dr. Horowitz is an internationally known authority in public health and emerging diseases. Walk on Water follows his three best-sellers, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine, and Modern Scince.

Dr. Horowitz lives with his wife and three children on the Big Island of Hawaii. His official website is www.drlenhorowitz.com.